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Do you know what DOGA’s “Smart Wiper Motors” can do for you?

Customization is our motto

o Programable software with multiple options
o Customized shaft / spindle lengths
o CAN, LIN or Digital Inputs
o Easy Integration

Do you have a challenge for our engineers?

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Our customer CAF (Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles) is the supplier of the new trams for urban transport in the city of Oslo, Norway.

The #tram design includes special features to withstand the demanding weather conditions which are typical of the country, like wind …


We are ready to welcome you and present our news. This #exhibition is very special and marks the beginning of many others.
We have a new virtual showroom and a new website, but meeting you face to face is priceless.
Enjoy Agrishow and …


Get ready to be transported.
Our #dcmotors are at 1 click from you.

We have taken a big step to connect with you wherever you are and we are sure that this new #showroom will become a great tool for your work.

Search your #market or search a #motor!

We …


DOGA is fully committed fighting the #climateemergency and with the use of #renewablesources energy.

And now, to impulse the transition to #greenenergies we are proud to announce a new #motorreducer made in Spain to power #solartrackers in their daily sun seeking.

This motors can be also manufactured and supplied glocally in our …



Adaptability is key! At DOGA our approach is “one application – one motor”, to define customized solutions. The result is proper protection degree and speed/torque performance for every single inquiry.

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Drive Systems for a carpet cleaners

DOGA #drivesystems 111 #gearmotor is used for side brush drive on carpet cleaners.
#Co-engineering, key to success developing the optimal solution for this project.

DOGA Product Knowledge

If you are a #student or a #researchinstitution and you need #electricmotors, do not hesitate to contact us.
You can count on DOGA product knowledge and industrial capabilities for the success of your project.

Like the students of which used our motors to move an antenna to follow up …

DOGA Gearmotor for a access ramps

DOGA supplies series production of a customized #gearmotor for access ramps for vehicles, this solution it’s now available in the market for a wide range of vehicles and ramp solutions.

The gearmotor, which drives up and down the ramp, consist on a d.c. …

Motor applications for mobility solutions

Our motors have thousands of applications but, there are some, like the company TMN products, that makes us special illusion.

TMN trust on DOGA motors to power an electrical arm that automatically introduces the wheelchair of the driver into the car trunk. …