• web

    [ This Project has been finance jointly by European Union through the European Fund of Regional Development (FEDER) ]

  • dindic

  • evobus

    [ Global leader in the windshield wiper systems market ]

  • campo

    The design of our systems is the result of our experience and  knowledge of the market ]

  • hub motor

    [ Nuevo motor en rueda para E-scooters, E-motorcycles]


  • ankemot

    [ Assembly lines with automated and flexible systems production ]

  • proceso-linea

    [ Excellence in the manufacturing process to deliver an optimal product ]

  • depositos-portada2

    [ A wide product offer to provide the most efficient windshield washing ]

  • electros

    [ Ventilation systems, the best solution for your application ]

  • bus ciudad

    [ The leading manufacturers of  buses and coaches trust in our systems ]

  • escobilla_port

     [ Advanced design and technology wiper blades for every type of application ]

  • equilibradora

    [ Strict control, best quality, highest customer satisfaction ]

  • motores_limpia

    [ The outstanding performance of our systems is provided by the unique design of our motors ]

  • motores

    [ DC Motors and Gearmotors developed to achieve optimal functionality to every application ]

  • camino

    [ Perfect clean, maximum safety ]

  • stamp

     [ The latest technology allows the development and manufacture of complex parts and assemblies of stamping and welding ]

  • surtidor

    [ A wide range of accessories to offer the best solution with an exceptional quality ]

  • transmision

    [ Development and manufacture of wipers specially designed for any kind of vehicle ]


    [ A wide range of expansion tanks and brake fluid reservoirs for  original equipment or replacement ]

  • engineering

    [The use of the latest tools and the most advanced design methods allow us to collaborate with the customer as an experienced technological partner ]

  • mar2

    [ The use of anticorrosive premium materials allows us to equip all type of boats ]

  • doga green

    [ Committed with the planet, We work towards a sustainable environment ]