DOGA  is a multi-product company and has therefore defined a separate mission for each of its product lines.

Wiper & Washer systems:
To be the global leader in wiper & washer systems for small and medium size series.

Drive Systems:
To support customers with innovative DC motors and geared motors solutions up to 48 volts.

Tank Systems:
To be a global leader in innovative solutions for plastic tanks and other plastic blow-moulded parts, for small and medium volume series.

Window lift systems:
To provide customized solutions for window lifters for small and medium volume series.

Complementary systems:
To increase our added value to our customers by offering complementary products: air systems, gas springs and mirrors.


DOGA core values define how the company and its staff must act.

Show the tendency of taking on a visible role within a work group or team. Express the will to lead others and have the capacity to motivate individuals and teams with the purpose of achieving common goals, by delegating tasks and responsibilities and giving autonomy to the team. This implies both wanting to assume responsibility for the team and the degree of effectiveness in the creation of dependencies.

The capacity to express clearly and understandably one’s own opinions and ideas. The ability to convey one’s own viewpoints precisely and intelligibly.

Resolution and Decision Making:
Identify problems and recognize relevant information. Be capable of diagnosing the possible causes of such problems and provide appropriate solutions at the right time. Decide among visible alternatives.

Creativity / Innovation:
Seeking imaginative solutions to problems related with work and being able to find innovative alternatives others than those normally used for resolution. Includes de capacity to bring new ideas that can turn into improvements or introduce changes geared at solving problems.

Actively contribute to the achievement of a common goal. Collaborate in the establishment of friendly relationships within the group and the creation of a demanding but loose working spirit.

Be skilful when reaching satisfactory agreements that are based on a ‘win-win’ philosophy. Be able to show flexibility with new viewpoints when trying to reach an agreement.

Adaptability / Flexibility:
Be capable of adapting to the work and social environment. Know how to work efficiently in different situations and with different types of people. It entails understanding and valuing different positions or viewpoints and adapting one’s approach as the situation unfolds. Includes the ability to assimilate changes, both in terms of work schemes and technology.

Be capable of identifying problems, obstacles or opportunities, both current and future and respond to these. This carries along with it the capacity to take on one’s own work from a broad and non-restrictive angle, by understanding that one’s role may mean undertaking projects, activities or tasks that are different from one’s job description.

Achievement orientation:
The capacity to steer one’s own activity toward goal achievement. It is displayed when there is a strong interest to perform professionally beyond the standard. Standards may make reference to improving one’s own past performance, exceeding others’ performance or achieving challenging or even new goals.

Customer orientation:
Demonstrate sensibility toward the needs or requests from existing, potential or internal customers. Focus the efforts to discover and satisfy the needs of customers in order to satisfactorily service them.