Solar trackers motors

We are glad to present you our new #testbench in Spain for solar #trackers motors. At DOGA we are commited with the #solarenergy and #renewables and to offer to the industry a reliable partner with reliable products.

🔋 We meet you at GENERA in IFEMA MADRID !

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Engineering training

DOGA is committed to #training.
In the past 2022 more than 20 internal trainings were given to the #engineering staff, with the aim of sharing #knowledge and keeping the engineering team up to date.
In the 2023 more trainings are already planned, with the focus on the #simulation tools …

Motor precision seeding

When you are #farming don’t get stuck with a seed while #precisionplanting. Use DOGA #electronic #motors, more #robust, more #torque, more #efficient, more #reliable.
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Tech Center Showroom

DOGA inaugurates the new #showroom specially dedicated to the #electronic product.
Located in the Tech Center, it offers a unique and singular space where all the visitors will enjoy the functioning and features of #wipersystems that includes this kind of #technology. The visitor will be able to …

Automotive Talent Show

On November 18, DOGA took part in the 2nd Automotive Talent Show organized by CIAC – Clúster de la Indústria d’Automoció de Catalunya, the main location for young #talent to meet people from the #automotive sector.
More than 500 engineering students came to the Circuit de …

Supplier Excellence Award CATERPILLAR

For the second consecutive year, DOGA Nantong was awarded the prestigious “Supplier Excellence Award CATERPILLAR”.
During the ceremony, in #recognition of the accomplished results, the outstanding work on the path to achieving excellence as supplier were addressed.
The awards are a milestone for DOGA Nantong, …


Do you know what DOGA’s “Smart Wiper Motors” can do for you?

Customization is our motto

o Programable software with multiple options
o Customized shaft / spindle lengths
o CAN, LIN or Digital Inputs
o Easy Integration

Do you have a challenge for our engineers?

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Our customer CAF (Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles) is the supplier of the new trams for urban transport in the city of Oslo, Norway.

The #tram design includes special features to withstand the demanding weather conditions which are typical of the country, like wind …


We are ready to welcome you and present our news. This #exhibition is very special and marks the beginning of many others.
We have a new virtual showroom and a new website, but meeting you face to face is priceless.
Enjoy Agrishow and …


Malaysian coachbuilder GML’s latest #electric #schoolbuses travel to California with DOGA #wipersystems.

The US market seeks reliability both in the zero-emission vehicle and in its components, and put its trust in our client GML and this, in turn, in us, because our brand is synonymous …