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New Motor range

Make it move!! DOGA launch to the market a new #electric #motor, designed and tested for solar trackers, to generate #solar #energy from sunrise to sunset. Reliable in all weather conditions. Look how this motor works!

#solarenergy #engineering #electricmotor #solartracker #drivesystems #descarbonization

Twin motor sinchronized panoramic windshield wiper system

How to replicate the movement of a conventional wiper system with linkage, but without linkage?
👉🏽 Controlling the speed and position of 2 #electronic motors of DOGA in synchronized mode, this solution will cover all #panoramic #wipersystem applications.
Its #firmware implements a close control loop that together with the CAN bus gives the #synchronization function and also offers a troubleshooting algorithm that guarantees the wiping function under different working conditions and a recovery strategy for managing unexpected events.
#engineering #electronics #customizedprojects

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Enterprise Challenges

Last March, the final of the «Enterprise Challenges” event took place at ETSEIB – UPC. Once again, as in previous years, DOGA participated in this competition, as an advisor for 2 teams.

Matias Ripoll Daza, HR Director, and the President of the panel, was responsible for announcing the 3 winning teams.

We would like to congratulate all the students on their high level of competence and involvement. Here at DOGA, we want to continue …

Inaugurate our new facilities in Tanger

Last week the Board of Directors of DOGA travelled to inaugurate our new facilities in Tanger.
Faina Tanger’s new building has 3.700 square meters with space that allows future #expansion.
After the new plant tour, employees and Directors shared a dinner to celebrate the inauguration.
DOGA’s General Manager took the opportunity to thank the entire team for their #efforts, encouraging them in their #proactivity to take on new #challenges.

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