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DOGA Gearmotor for a access ramps

DOGA supplies series production of a customized #gearmotor for access ramps for vehicles, this solution it’s now available in the market for a wide range of vehicles and ramp solutions.

The gearmotor, which drives up and down the ramp, consist on a d.c. motor with a #wormgearbox and a #planetarygearbox. This combination offers compactness and contained cost, which makes it very easy to be implemented in different ramp designs.

Motor applications for mobility solutions

Our motors have thousands of applications but, there are some, like the company TMN products, that makes us special illusion.

TMN trust on DOGA motors to power an electrical arm that automatically introduces the wheelchair of the driver into the car trunk. Making more affordable for those who use a wheelchair purchasing a car without, as the modifications in the vehicle are imperceptible.


We have already passed half the Dakar and the energy and enthusiasm is increasing every day.

In this edition, we continue sponsoring Isidre Esteve and Txema Villalobos who face this year with great confidence and increasing competitiveness driving a magnificent Toyota Hilux Overdrive.

DOGA is also present in the DAKAR Classic with a Toyota HD J80 driven by Toni Garcia and Florenci Rius fighting in their first participation to achieve their objectives by …


Southeast Asia is one of the fastest growing, dynamic and developing markets for commercial vehicle manufacturers and suppliers. In addition to a successful cooperation existing already in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, DOGA could recently also add Indonesia on the global map for business partnerships.

Adi Putro is Indonesia’s largest bus and coach manufacturer and the leading bus supplier to Indonesia’s largest rapid transit system Transjakarta. The Indonesian manufacturer has been planning …