We have already passed half the Dakar and the energy and enthusiasm is increasing every day.

In this edition, we continue sponsoring Isidre Esteve and Txema Villalobos who face this year with great confidence and increasing competitiveness driving a magnificent Toyota Hilux Overdrive.

DOGA is also present in the DAKAR Classic with a Toyota HD J80 driven by Toni Garcia and Florenci Rius fighting in their first participation to achieve their objectives by overcoming all the obstacles that arise in this demanding and complicated rally.

Good luck to our drivers and co-drivers.


Southeast Asia is one of the fastest growing, dynamic and developing markets for commercial vehicle manufacturers and suppliers. In addition to a successful cooperation existing already in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, DOGA could recently also add Indonesia on the global map for business partnerships.

Adi Putro is Indonesia’s largest bus and coach manufacturer and the leading bus supplier to Indonesia’s largest rapid transit system Transjakarta. The Indonesian manufacturer has been planning to upgrade their main model Jetbus ever since 2019.

DOGA Nantong has been working with our partner Europarts and Adi Putro on a facelift including a DOGA front wiper …


Ohara, a Japanese manufacturer of snow groomers and special purpose vehicles designed for extreme weather and terrain conditions in Antarctica, has recently introduced a complete design makeover of their Antarctic observation vehicle, which was awarded with a Great Design Award in Japan.

The innovative design will be introduced for series production at Ohara from 2022 and DOGA will be the selected wiper system supplier. Ohara is furthermore considering applying DOGA wiper systems of various types for all their rough terrain vehicles.

This project marks a milestone in DOGA’s ambition to expand business in Japan across a broader customer base. We can …


​At DOGA the sky is the limit. Our ability to work, taking the lead of innovative and unique projects, are crucial for our continued growth in this gigantic Asian market.

The most important makers of construction machinery, on a global level, keep evolving and diversifying their product portfolio. Thanks to our extensive know-how, at DOGA we have been able to create new business opportunities for those and other new and ever-more-complex machines, made for construction, mining, harbors, oil drilling, and wind energy generation.

DOGA’s vast experience, which is the result of work of many years, and our strategic focus on developing …


McHale, a leader of agricultural farm machinery, manufactures a range of fixed and variable balers.

DOGA and McHale have successfully been working last two years on the motor solution to drive the net cut function on many of these balers, which incorporate a DOGA 12V Motor as part of these function.

The robust and compact DOGA 162 motor actuates over a series of gears and shaft tripping a knife spanning the full width of the baler chamber cutting the net or plastic feeding.


Bobcat, a leader in the construction industry, for more than 50 years has been manufacturing compact, robust, and highly versatile machines to work more efficiently.  Its latest addition to the excavator range is the 5 to 6T machines of the R2 series; highly stable excavators that perform work at high speed and are very robust. DOGA supplies for these E50, E55 and E60 models front windshield wiper system that meets the demands of these vehicles.

It is essential for us to be able to supply highly competitive equipment and always offer maximum visibility, allowing, in this case, that the operator …