Grayson Thermal Systems makes cooling and thermal systems mainly for bus and coach makers, but also for other fields like makers of mining machinery. Their latest system eComfort 300 for advanced heating and cooling uses high-efficiency reversible heat pump technology.

DOGA contributes to the eComfort 300 system with an expansion tank which is designed for integrated battery thermal management, and which allows for simultaneous battery cooling and passenger heating in the e-bus. The expansion with a capacity of 5 liters comes with a 3-step level sensor (minimum, medium and maximum).

In parallel, another tank has been provided for diesel engine buses.


The leader in agricultural machinery John Deere has once again trusted DOGA for a project of its subsidiary in Mexico.

It consists of a tank whose most important advantage is the possibility of being mounted on different agricultural machines: 5 series tractors, combines and sprayers.

This tank is a custom design to fit our client’s needs, and is produced in the USA. The tank is made from PEHD, has  a capacity of 3 liter and includes 1 pump as well as the option to fit a second pump, in order to adapt to the needs of each machine.

The project is an …


Busscar is one of the main bus manufacturers that currently exists in Colombia.

The Transmilenio line has awarded Busscar Colombia the business of 600 100%-urban buses that will be mounted on a BYD chassis and equipped with DOGA windshield wiper systems. This is an important new business won by our DOGA Mexico subsidiary.

Nowadays the electrification of vehicles is vital for the sustainability of the planet and fortunately it is increasingly present in Latin America.


Heli is a Chinese benchmark in the material handling sector, close to being one of the top five manufacturers of industrial machinery worldwide.

DOGA Nantong supplies the windshield wiper system to the model “luggage tractor” vehicle destined to transport luggage at airports, which includes a tandem system designed to maximize the vehicle’s viewing area.

We are pleased to continue growing in the increasingly demanding Chinese industry, developing the trust that our customers require.