Drive Systems for a carpet cleaners

DOGA #drivesystems 111 #gearmotor is used for side brush drive on carpet cleaners.
#Co-engineering, key to success developing the optimal solution for this project.


As the company INEOS Automotive says, the 4×4 Grenadier is not made for the city, because this #energetic and #solid vehicle can take you to places that you could never have imagined.

For our part we are really satisfied with the result of this project. We have provided a tough, #ruggedproduct, and both the #windshieldwipersystems, the #washersystem and the surge #tanks are geared to work in rough terrain and extreme conditions at their peak performance.

These challenges are what add up and shape our #knowhow. In this way, at DOGA we work day by day along for to offer the #excellence product that our customers demand.


DOGA Italia has been Awarded

DOGA Italia has been awarded by Industria Felix Magazine, a branch of Confindustria (Italian Industry Association), with the “High Budget Honor” for being among the best Italian companies for managerial growth and financial reliability in 2020.

This evaluation has been made by a Scientific Committee composed of the delegates of the bodies that sponsor Industria Felix Magazine (Luiss, Confindustria, university professors and accountants, public bodies, partners).

Over 600 thousand joint-stock companies with registered offices in Italy have been examined and just the best performing for financial and economic #results have been selected.

Due to Covid, the award ceremony will be just on line on March 10th.

We are glad …

DOGA Product Knowledge

If you are a #student or a #researchinstitution and you need #electricmotors, do not hesitate to contact us.
You can count on DOGA product knowledge and industrial capabilities for the success of your project.

Like the students of which used our motors to move an antenna to follow up satellite communications.
We will be looking for you, on earth by now, in the following years!

DOGA Gearmotor for a access ramps

DOGA supplies series production of a customized #gearmotor for access ramps for vehicles, this solution it’s now available in the market for a wide range of vehicles and ramp solutions.

The gearmotor, which drives up and down the ramp, consist on a d.c. motor with a #wormgearbox and a #planetarygearbox. This combination offers compactness and contained cost, which makes it very easy to be implemented in different ramp designs.

Motor applications for mobility solutions

Our motors have thousands of applications but, there are some, like the company TMN products, that makes us special illusion.

TMN trust on DOGA motors to power an electrical arm that automatically introduces the wheelchair of the driver into the car trunk. Making more affordable for those who use a wheelchair purchasing a car without, as the modifications in the vehicle are imperceptible.


We have already passed half the Dakar and the energy and enthusiasm is increasing every day.

In this edition, we continue sponsoring Isidre Esteve and Txema Villalobos who face this year with great confidence and increasing competitiveness driving a magnificent Toyota Hilux Overdrive.

DOGA is also present in the DAKAR Classic with a Toyota HD J80 driven by Toni Garcia and Florenci Rius fighting in their first participation to achieve their objectives by overcoming all the obstacles that arise in this demanding and complicated rally.

Good luck to our drivers and co-drivers.